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College of Mt. St. Vincent Bronx, NY 10471

At our STEAM Summer Camp, your kids can take our woodworking class, and build to their heart’s content! Let them use their summer to learn and grow at our Riverdale location at the amazing campus of the College of Mount Saint Vincent.

We strive to expand imagination, as well as hard, practical skills!

Our STEAM camp will give your children the opportunity to learn basic woodworking, while allowing them to gain an appreciation for wood as a resource, and the trees wood comes from. They will also learn how living organisms interact with trees, and basic tree identification skills. From there, students will learn the groundwork for woodworking, with skills such as planning a project, measuring wood, the use of woodworking tools, and much more.

Your children also have the opportunity to learn the necessary skills to create a project without the use of power tools. These skills include measuring, fractions, rasping, sanding, assembling, and much more. While learning these skills, your children will have the opportunity to have fun building their own project.

We know how important it is to inspire imagination, so we do that through art. Your children will look to Leonardo’s notebooks as inspiration. They will take a theme and draw an invention based off of that theme. From there, your kids can recreate their drawing using wood. Overall, your children will learn more about basic engineering concepts, simple machines and more. At the same time, students will develop their woodworking and design skills.

Woodworking is a standard part of our weekly program at the STEAM Revolution camp. No matter which class your child chooses, they will be given a wonderful experience, and new knowledge. On top of that, at the end of the week, they will come home with a project they are proud of. Our location in Riverdale is not only beautiful, but fully functional, making it the perfect environment for your children to learn.

Woodworking is sometimes a collaborative effort!

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