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College of Mt. St. Vincent Bronx, NY 10471

The first day of camp I was not feeling going to camp. I was very nervous. I thought “I don’t wanna be the only new one”. But once I went into the camp I saw my name on the cubbie. I was really happy that they remembered me 🙂 So after that i wasn’t that nervous but I still was.

But when we started making stuff I felt happy.

We made a treasure box that when you open it lights up! But when you closed it it doesn’t light up, but I was still happy. After we did activities we made marble paintings and all kinds of stuff!! The second day of camp I was not nervous. At activities time I was wood working. It was really fun we had blocks, and we had a saw we CHOPPED OFF THE PIECE OF THE BLOCK! I was like

:O That’s so cool!

I spent the whole day there maybe one hour.. people were making stuff but I just like chopping. The teachers helped me (the teachers name were Joe and Nate). I chopped 6 or 7 or 8 pieces of blocks. And the teacher (Nate) stored my blocks. And I was supposed to go to blogging but I accidentally went to coding but luckily someone told me. So I wrote a story about peanuts. Hope you liked my story! The end!

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