Great ready to GROW… yourself!

We’re sure you’re wondering what we’re going to do on a daily and weekly basis at STEAM Revolution Camp. Our vision is one of relaxed but highly engaging activities, some chosen by campers, others guided by staff. The day is divided into group activities and individual free time. Some fun stuff we’ll do on a weekly basis include the special visitor of the week, the Wacky Idea Lab, and the We-All-Have Talent Show.

Our vision is one of relaxed but highly engaging activities, some chosen by campers, others guided by staff. We want your child to really enjoy their time with us by feeling satisfied with their own personal growth. Summer is the time to GROW ourselves through curiosity, exploration, discovery and an experience that nurtures that opportunity. The magic words are: I did it. I made it. It works. I figured it out. I’ve never done that before! Our project is awesome! Here’s how we did it….

We’re forming our plan and as a camp designed to respond to the interests of campers, our plan will always be tweaked a little. BUT… here is what we know so far.

Daily Schedule

Someone special visits us every week.

Scientists from NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, an industrial design engineer, curators from the American Museum of Natural History, artists and makers, inspired people who inspire and create. We’re lining them up now so stay tuned for some interesting updates.

We rotate interesting activities in several over-arching categories on a daily basis.

Peer groups will move around the campus together in similar activity groups and there is one point of the day where peer groups can mix together for some clever show-and-tell of what they’re up to.

Daily Schedule

(9:00 AM) Welcome center (mostly outdoors except in poor weather). Everyone present and we go over some exciting facts for the week ahead or share what’s going on at camp this week. Each day one of our staff members will lead “what are we curious about these days?” That’s a group chat on things our kids are interested in from what they hear all around them.

(9:15 AM) Peer groups go in one of these directions:

  • Art Studio
  • Science Lab
  • Maker Space/Studio
  • Design Work (indoor or out, depending)
  • Short campus run/walk (helps get us ready for the day ahead)
  • Short campus run/walk (helps get us ready for the day ahead)
  • Special Visitor Demo, Discussion or Interactive Activity

(10:30 AM) Mid-Morning Snack & Relax: Each peer group stops for a leisurely snack/relax break. We’re open for some talent shows in the lounge some days during break.

(12:00 Noon) Lunchtime in the beautiful dining hall on the college campus.

Lunch is held in the dining hall on campus. Campers can brown bag it or buy lunch. Either way, lunch will be located where the campers feel most up for it: indoors or out; on grass or outdoor terraces.

(1:00 PM) : We start the afternoon activities. Peer groups head in different directions. Campers choose a free activity in one of the labs or studio. A camper may choose to work on a coding project, build circuits in the lab, do some woodworking, design a 3D file, make some stop motion, make paper or do some bookbinding, learn some chemistry or do some robotics with a friend or….. (?)

(2:00 PM). Chillax: Relax and Snack and Wacky Ideas Demo and Updates.

We all love thinking about inventions that just might work…our own ideas that could possibly “make it.” After all, who thought the Pet Rock would ever succeed? (Yes, you can now get a bluetooth one so…). During their week at camp, campers can choose to work on their wacky idea throughout the week or bring in something they’ve done at home.

(3:00 PM) Last afternoon activity for the day will be one of the peer groups choosing.

(4:00 PM) Dismissal