Campers at our Riverdale (Bronx) STEAM Camp will have the opportunity to study photography as an elective every week of the program. Science and art intersect so beautifully well in photography as students learn how to blend technical knowledge with creative expression. Students will learn both the technical aspects of the camera (or phone) and how to set up a shot. Meredith McKunes will be the lead for this subject area (she is also the Camp Director). Here is a message to campers from Meredith!

Hi Parents and Campers!

Meredith McKunes, Our Camp Director for Summer 2019

Dear Familes,

With the high quality of phones, a remarkable photo is right at our finger tips. This has allowed people to capture more moments and create beautiful and powerful images. I would love to be able to teach children this art form! In a way photography is still a new art form, developed in the 1800’s. To develop a photo back then sometimes took multiple days. Sometimes after development, the photos were found to be unsuccessful, so the photographer would have to change techniques to get the image they
desired. Now with most things being digital, a camera can be set to an automatic setting and you end up with almost a perfect image every click!
Cameras now contain an auto focusing system (the button that tells the camera to open the shutter to take the picture), and an image sensor. This collects millions of different photons (light energy) located on the surface of the image sensor. When the camera’s shutter closes again, it converts the captured photons into numerical information to create a digital photo.

Auto settings can be helpful, but having the basic understanding of the correct settings to use to create an image helps to better understand how the auto setting works and much more fun in my opinion! This is what I would love to teach my students! Exposure, light, weather, objects, and people. These are just a few of the many aspects to consider when trying to take a photo. And what you’re trying to capture may change the way you
want to shoot your subject. Take a camera, even your phone camera, and go outside and take pictures of the simplest things: a flower, mailbox, or bike tire wheel… And try experimenting with different angels and lighting and see the possibilities and creativity you can come up with before camp even starts!

Capturing the spirit of fun in photos!

If you child intends to bring a phone to camp, please bear in mind that we will ask them to keep it in their backpack until breaks or lunch. The photography elective will allow students to use their phones. Students may also choose to bring in a camera. IF that is the case, we ask that he/she leave it with their counselor to be placed away carefully until it is time to use.

No matter which week your child chooses to attend, STEAM Revolution Camp offers your child unique a chance to gain unique experiences and knowledge while collaborating with their peers and counselors. We celebrate and explore both curiosity and creativity in our programs and encourage your child to find their own inner calling.

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