STEAM Revolution Camp is about discovering your own abilities with guidance and assurance from people who genuinely care about your experience.



SUMMER 2021: 

Here you’re not watching adults do all the “serious” tasks. You’ll find yourself learning in a safe, stimulating, fun, and engaging environment. We’ve seen this. We’re believers in it. We make it happen. Wonder what makes a design-style camp so different? Learn more about Design Thinking in Education. There are many STEM/STEAM camps and programs but we believe more computer time will not make a more fulfilling experience for your child. Learning how to see, to think, to share, to make, to accept trial and error as a process — these are more meaningful ways to grow. Ways your child is likely to remember for a long time to come and could be an influence on how they see themselves – capable, open, and flexible learners and doers.

Your weekly challenge is to grow…(yourself).


Each week campers set the weekly challenge. What do we need to solve? How are we going to do it? Which part is yours and which is mine? This design challenge is one of the hallmarks of our camp. Each morning campers focus on the design challenge, completing tasks from building parts of the solution to making the animation that will explain the project to others.

Diverse activities make for a more fulfilling day.

 A typical day will include time spent on tech activities, hands-on projects, a lab/experiment and time for freedom and free play. Typical activities include coding, robotics, DIY projects, woodworking lessons, design project review and discussion, presentations and reviews. In addition, we offer many enriching creative arts activities that align with everything else we do — creative writing, playwriting, poetry and visual arts. 

Together we can do something big.



Whatever challenges we create, the spirit of camp is more collaborative than competitive. We are here to learn, have fun, and grow with our peers. Along the way, we will create some great friendships and learn from some pretty interesting people.

The central theme is curiosity; how to awaken it, how to nurture it.


Your child is born naturally curious. Our job is to nurture and nourish that curiosity through real projects — things he or she will look back on and say “Wow, I did that!” This is why we aim for projects that kids can take home with them – the satisfaction of looking back on the stool you built from hand and using it all year long to reach that top shelf. You can take this skill home with you and it could potentially change your life. Many camps suggest THEMES and that’s great too. But it’s not about what we can show parents; it’s about the experience your child will derive from their time with us. So, we leave it open and help students guide the weekly experience as a group effort. Walt Disney said, “When you are curious, there is always something to do.