Campers at our Riverdale (Bronx) STEAM Camp will have the opportunity to learn how to run a mile with Meredith!

STEAM camp does not mean sofa-surfing camp…get up! Get out and learn how fun it is to run a mile!

A Message from our Camp Director, Meredith!

“Time for the fitness test kids! Let’s run a mile!” That was a sentence I dreaded during elementary school gym class. As a kid that suffered from stress and anxiety, something like running a mile seemed far from possible. I would get nervous about sweating too much, whether I could complete the mile, if I ended up walking half of it, and what my time was. Now I use running as my escape from stress and to decompress after a long day. What I learned about running was that it is just like everyday life; you take it at your own pace, you may end up taking a detour, or maybe you take a break to walk a couple feet. Doing Cross Country and Track in High School became an amazing outlet for me and helped me run miles I never thought I’d run before. I am excited to help kids learn to exercise as an outlet in Run a Mile with Meredith.

No matter how much you love to GEEK it up @ STEAM Camp, you might still learn to run a mile with Meredith!

Along with teaching kids the proper way to run, I want kids to use this as a time to relax and escape any stress they may be having. Breathing is a huge part of running. Learning to control your breathing can help with pacing and endurance. The position of your arms and hands also helps to keep the pace, save energy, and most importantly keep you relaxed. We’ll learn about the importance of stretching before and after any amount of physical activity. Stretching the key muscles can also help performance and prevent future injuries, along with improving endurance. These are some of the concepts we will be going over during camp! The campus at Mt. Saint Vincent will be the perfect setting to complete our mile. Right on the Hudson River with beautiful scenery around every corner, who wouldn’t want to run a mile here!

Running a mile with Meredith is an elective campers can take if they choose to do so.

No matter which week your child chooses to attend, STEAM Revolution Camp offers your child unique a chance to gain unique experiences and knowledge while collaborating with their peers and counselors. We celebrate and explore both curiosity and creativity in our programs and encourage your child to find their own inner calling.

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