We are Curious.

That’s why we created Curious-on-Hudson, which has led to STEAM Revolution Camp, which leads us to where we are today – hosting our showcase day camp in Riverdale, building out cool DIY STEM Kits, and ourselves always learning how to teach kids to learn. A place where kids get to do things they would not ordinarily get to do at home or in school or pretty much anywhere, unless you are like us, the Curious type, with lots of STUFF at home that kids can take apart and geek around with not to mention to the space to do it in….).

Joe and Connor hit the ice.

Our Camp Director for Summer 2021 is Joe Morciglio.

The Camp Director sets the stage for so many things: the way your kids will experience our camp is based on Joe’s vision. That’s why I think he’s great at this role. Joe is Curious-on-Hudson personified. He is a visual artist who has taught numerous classes for us on cartoons, comics, graphic novels, etc. He worked for Archie Comics before working with us.  Okay – that makes sense. But Joe has also taught woodworking and lots and lots of STEAM classes…Joe is the kind of guy who has both left and right sides of his brain working overtime. I recently had to drop a package off at his house and found him outside taking a car engine apart. You don’t usually find that with most comic artists. But as if that weren’t enough, Joe is also a hockey player (still playing in adult leagues), and most of all, Joe is a dedicated parent raising two young children. So, if you want your child to do things this summer — I mean ACTUALLY DO STUFF – well, you are in good hands here. Each time I talk to him, his plans seem to be expanding with more and more creative ideas. (Check out Joe’s themes for weekly challenges here).

Joe also has the judgment and maturity to take care of issues at camp that are important to you, i.e., health and safety protocols, calm resolution of problems, and PATIENCE, PATIENCE, PATIENCE. I have seen Joe calm even the most excitable and excited kid. He does this with his calm demeanor and his reasoning that you can always find an explanation for what motivates kids to do one thing or another – even if it is something you might not want them to do. Learning to accept young people for who they are and helping them to see themselves as welcomed and curious students… comes naturally to him. We are so lucky to have him on our team and to lead us through this summer season.

Camp is coming up soon. We’re getting the details locked down and you’ll be hearing from us more and more as summer approaches. Stay tuned as I will also be sending along some info on our specialists who will be teaching the various classes we offer throughout the week.

In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with your questions, suggestions, comments, etc. This has been an incredibly difficult and challenging year for so many kids, adults, families, and organizations like ours. To see kids assemble again with the intention to start building with their hands, using their imaginations to code or draw or conduct an experiment or just to dance around in a silly way…well, that’s the joy we live for and we are so grateful to all of you for making this possible. THANK YOU.

In the meantime, STAY CURIOUS!

Adele Falco
Founder, Curious-on-Hudson




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