STEAM Campers! Meet Meredith, Our Summer Program Lead

We’re thrilled to have Meredith McKunes on board for our summer camp in Riverdale. Meredith is a newcomer to the New York area, having moved here just recently from Holliston, MA. For the last few months, Meredith has been working with us in our after-school programs and has shown us what a good time she can have in a classroom….she has tons of energy, passion and a love for working with kids. All in all, she’s GREAT!

Meredith with Rosie, her new puppy!

Meredith grew up in Holliston and attended Keene State College, where she majored in Film Production. Throughout her time there, Meredith worked as in the college day care facility, after which she worked for Franklin TV, a local cable channel, where she produced content and mentored high school interns. She enjoys a host of activities from painting, photography, cooking and running (she’s a x-country and track person). She still runs and is offering campers who need a break the chance to Run a Mile with Meredith, where she can coach you on techniques for improving your running through breathing and pacing.

A younger Meredith cutting up back in the day.

As for our new Riverdale STEAM Camp, Meredith is excited to share her love of the outdoors with all of our “GEEKY” campers and feels strongly that there is a lot of science to be taught outside of the classroom. Her job is to make sure every camper enjoys their time with us, whether they choose to spend it in the Creative Tech Lab, Woodworking/Maker Space, Science Lab or…? The campus provides plenty of opportunity for Meredith to share her love for learning in the outdoors, from long winding pathways to open fields to a shady Hudson River waterfront space.

Meredith is eager to help kids settle in to STEAM Revolution and says she knows what it’s like to have a little anxiety about a new experience. She wants to help all of us feel confident, comfortable and ready for fun this summer. So get ready to learn some outdoor skills, photography and whatever else Meredith decides to throw our way this summer.

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