A Whole Child Approach to Day CampĀ 

How will students spend their time at camp this year? At STEAM Revolution Camp, it looks like it will be doing MORE of the things we love to do: more woodworking, more outdoor play and education, more hands-on science, arts and more tech too! But we are a balanced camp where teaching the WHOLE child is what we are all about, and in the area of tech, that includes more hands-on projects, activities, and engagement. Coding classes are a part of our routine, or what we call “core” classes so we realize how kids love to code and what it means to parents and educators. But, we also want to get up and about – to share what we’re doing – to use our hands and all of our minds in engaging projects that call upon all the different areas of our brains. And the key thing is that learning like this — playing like this – exploring like this is truly fun. It’s how we’re wired. And sadly, it’s often what we’re lacking in daily life. So, as for TECH CAMPS and even STEAM CAMPS, sometimes the need to play in a truly holistic way is overlooked. So, many parents ask us about coding…how much time is spent coding? How many times a day can a camper choose to take coding? The answer is that the core class meets 3x per week and the electives, if that what your child chooses to do, will also meet 3x per week. So, for a child that is choosing this concentration, that is meeting 6x per week just for coding. But even that child will have exposure to more than screens at STEAM Revolution. Our day camp will have your child in the art studio, in the woodworking studio, and outdoors in evenly balanced core classes every day. Our thought on this is what nature has taught us; we learn with our WHOLE SELVES and we support that in the design of our programming and in the people who work with us who are typically multi-talented individuals who have a myriad of interests. You might be on board with us or maybe you’re not. I encourage you to learn more about the whole child educational approach through various online information resources. Here’s one: https://k12teacherstaffdevelopment.com/tlb/what-is-the-whole-child-approach/


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