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The power of a woodworking class for kids.

You Can Make-It-Yourself

There’s something empowering about woodworking. Lucky us…we get to see this magic all the time. There’s something about making real, tangible projects with your own hands from raw materials. In a digital, increasingly virtual world – the rawness and authentic feeling of WOOD and tools and the imagination all coming together to produce something… now that is truly something.

At STEAM Revolution, campers can expect to have this option available to them every day as a skill-building exercise. They can also explore integrating wood with other materials as well to devise projects of their own. Over the years, we’ve had campers going home with everything from chairs to desks to custom made games. Most of all, we’ve seen them go home with huge, swelling pride on their faces. I often wonder where these pieces go when they get home. I hope they’re in your bedrooms and living rooms and anywhere they can be treasured and enjoyed by the people you love. Keep it real, kids.

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