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Once upon a time someone named Alyssa lived in a forest. And she had no food she kept asking and asking for food but no one was that nice but until she saw squirrel the squirrel gave her 100 peanuts. and she tasted one and she EW! these peanuts are gross! said Alyssa. have you ever even ate one before? said ask squirrel, no… said Alyssa FINE! said squirrel I’ll get you a different peanut. So squirrel went to the shop and bought a bag of peanuts if Alyssa doesn’t like this it would me a waste of money so she better like like it! So squirrel brought back bag of peanuts, when Alyssa took one bite she said EW! squirrel said REALLY???! said squirrel. I like Cheetos! said Alyssa. FINE! said squirrel. squirrel bought Cheetos at the shop but he thought why cant i just steal Cheetos? I don’t need to pay anyways. I’m gonna steal it HEY! said cashier. WHERE DO YOU THINK YOUR GOING???! said cashier. YOUR STEALING I’M CALLING THE POLICE! please no! said squirrel. NO! said cashier. calls police NOOOOO! said squirrel after squirrel was out of jail he brought back the Cheetos to Alyssa but then he remembered HE FORGOT THE CHEETOS! but when squirrel got back she saw that Alyssa already had money but squirrel said im so so so so sorry!!! Alyssa said its fine its not your fault! I stole food I’m so sorry! said squirrel. I can by you more Cheetos! Sure said Alyssa! Wow! said squirrel you love Cheetos! yea said Alyssa HOW MUCH FOOD DO YOU WANT??! said squirrel the end they lived happily ever after!

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