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We often hear the phrase “Gifted and Talented” as a reference to students who have special abilities. Are they also “curious?” Albert Einstein said: “I have no special talents, I am only passionately curious.” Does playing a video game make you curious? Perhaps yes, a little. Does learning how to design a video game – not just with code – but with art, strategy, storytelling and code make you curious? That’s where curiosity begins to convert to talent.

Ultimately, Albert Einstein had lots of special talents. But in believing that he was merely curious, he opened pathways for ideas to flow both to him and from him. His special talents grew out of his belief that it was interesting to question what he thought and saw around him. Imagine if we could convey this to every child we see in school, at home, anywhere. Maybe the gifted and talented are merely curious and their curiosity has been given room to flourish and thrive.

If we had to choose one phrase to describe our philosophy: it would be TO QUESTION. Too many programs and packages and kits and classes for kids say: “We’ll teach you this! We’ll teach you that!” No one can teach you anything meaningful if you aren’t just a wee bit curious.

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