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College of Mt. St. Vincent Bronx, NY 10471

Yesterday at camp at activities time I didn’t know what to pick but I saw robotics and it said ages-7 to 8 and I thought “that’s my age! I’m 7!” So I said “I would like to go to robotics please!” “Okay!” said teacher. So I went to robotics with a group of 4 including me. I don’t really like doing stuff with others but I do that often. I like going solo. I tried to make something. “I-I don’t know what to make!” I made like a boat or something… or something similar to a boat. It had FOUR (caps for a reason) 4 seats the others worked together but I like to work solo (solo means by yourself). I also do teamwork (teamwork means work together) but I didn’t want to control the things the teacher made. I like watching because I’m shy. The teacher used magnets. We had leggos 🙁 but that’s okay! We made creative stuff and had fun.

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