Our Beautiful Summer Home: The College of Mount Saint Vincent


This independent liberal arts college on the banks of the Hudson River just north of Manhattan is a superb location for a camp!  The campus facility allows us use of several roomy areas as well as the expansive outdoor areas and a beautiful dining facility (with outdoor terrace) where fresh meals are available.  The campus is secured by a gated entrance. You really can’t ask for a more ideal location for the STEAM Revolution Camp!  (Link to map location)




Classroom Maker Space

The camp has access to large spacious classrooms with audio-visual capabilities. This will allow us plenty of room to design and build our projects on floor or tables in an air-conditioned space.



Science Labs/Project Area

A beautiful, well-equipped lab awaits our experimenting! We’ve got everything we need to set up a great lab space.



Computer Lab

A fully equipped computer lab for daily coding lessons, project design, game design and more.



Green Everywhere!

What we love about this campus is its incredible natural beauty. Plenty of room to breathe, relax, and stretch as well as a pick up game or two when the time is right!