We’re building our creative tech lab at STEAM Revolution Camp in Riverdale and it is truly something different from most tech camps. What does your son or daughter love to do? Chances are it involves some form of computing. Well, let’s teach them how things get started by having them build out their own creative projects using products like Microbit controllers while learning how to assemble, wire, solder, diagram and more. Tech is so much more than sitting on computers all day — it’s summer, we’re in a beautiful location, we have time and ideas…Let’s Do Stuff!

Creative Tech is a way of THINKING…and it truly did change the world.

Students at STEAM Revolution will have at least three blocks in the Creative Tech Lab every week and those that truly can’t get enough can use their elective block to spend more time in the afternoon. Between the normal rotation and the elective block, the student who truly has the passion to bring forth their own tech ideas will have the time, resources and help to do it. We will provide both guided projects as well as allow time for creative ones of their own.

The Creative Tech Lab at STEAM Revolution will have 3D printing and design capability but who needs more plastic STUFF? Why not use the 3D design software to build your own housing for your own video game? Yeah…this is possible. Crazy, right? It’s true. We have one talented, creative STEAM artist leading the way at STEAM Revolution Camp…Kyle!

Kyle is a multi-talented STEAM type to perfection. An artist/tech/gamer…he brings it all home!

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