Safety Protocols for Summer 2021

See below for our plans to ensure a safe, healthy and friendly environment for all campers in 2021. As new regulations for summer camps become known, we may alter these protocols accordingly.  We expect these requirements to adapt to the changing situation surrounding the COVID-19 health emergency and will work with our host, the College of Mt. St Vincent as well as state and city guidelines to ensure a safe experience for all staff and campers who attend our programs. Please continue to check back here for further updates.

Safety protocols begin at home through a morning healthcheck routine. Families will be asked to provide us with a basic healthcheck update on a daily basis including ensuring that the camper does not have concerning symptoms.  Camper immunization records will be required and we are awaiting guidance on whether it is prudent to ask for COVID testing for campers. 

Camp is held on a well-maintained and spacious college campus. Facilities are routinely cleaned by the College and we add our own protocols to this by maintaining cleanliness standards between classes, labs, etc. In addition, all students will have access to hand-sanitizer stations throughout the day and will be required to wear masks during all indoor activities. Outdoor activities may vary, depending on type and whether students are able to maintain social distance in that activity.

Our staff will all be required to submit a negative COVID test result prior to the start of camp and routinely throughout the summer. All staff is first aid and CPR trained and additional training will be required concerning health and safety protocols pertaining to COVID. All staff will be required to wear masks at all times. Dining will be held outdoors and in open and covered areas. One of the key jobs of the staff is to ensure campers maintain protocols during all activities.  Educating, coaching and supervising campers is a fundamental part of this role.