in woodworking we make all sorts of cool things . one day we made a toolbox. and another day we made a spoon. joe is so safe about the saws. woodwoking is so cool!!!!!! by jackson mathews

Fun Robotics by Hanna

Yesterday at camp at activities time I didn’t know what to pick but I saw robotics and it said ages-7 to 8 and I thought “that’s my age! I’m 7!” So I said “I would like to go to robotics please!” “Okay!” said...

Wood Working by Hanna

The first day of camp I was not feeling going to camp. I was very nervous. I thought “I don’t wanna be the only new one”. But once I went into the camp I saw my name on the cubbie. I was really happy that they remembered me 🙂 So after that i...

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