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Whoa! What’s this all about? Online virtual programming. Not what we expected. Not what you expected. And yet, here we are.

Is it even possible to run a STEAM camp online? You’re probably asking that question. Online camps are somewhat the rage for 2020. And no one expected that, least of all the people who run programs that are focused on hands-on learning and activities. So what can we do? What did we do?


First of all, it’s good to remind yourself that Curious-on-Hudson is NOT just a summer program. We run programs twelve months a year, in school, after-school, winter break camps, spring break camps (well…not this year). We develop our own curriculum and we truly study the academic standards that children are likely to be taught at various grade levels. But we are very lucky because we get to invent the way these subjects can be taught and we also get to STRETCH the limits a little — we believe kids want to do more. In fact, we know kids want to do more. If you give them that opportunity, they can do truly astounding things — creatively, physically, imaginatively and so on. That’s the spirit of our work.

To bring this online, we first converted several of our classes to what we call Hybrid-Remote Classes. We knew that computer screens alone would not be enough for active engagement. We had our instructors work on methods to teach from different angles and we worked on specialized kits that we deliver to student homes. We had the opportunity to test our belief that making this camp a virtual one would work. We have been getting great reviews from parents. We have seen kids react with joy when they open the kits. Physical and digital worlds are very well connected but in our opinion, you can’t have one without the other.

Please join us as we venture down this road with a commitment to do what is right by our campers — to give them the summer they expect, they need in order to grow and that we, as Curious-on-Hudson, are all about.

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