Join our camp knowing that your experience matters to us — you are not just a colorful t-shirt here – you are YOU, with all of your ideas, curiosities and talents.

STEAMRevolution Camp is the showcase camp for Curious-on-Hudson. It’s what we do best…create, deliver and constantly improve the programs we offer – consolidated into an intensive camp setting. And what a setting it is! A beautiful college campus — in NYC! And yet, open, natural, and spacious. We have so much to offer campers here.

Curious-on-Hudson was established in 2013, when we started up in an old warehouse in Dobbs Ferry, NY. We’ve since moved on but have retained the spirit of creativity in our work. We began offering summer programs for youth¬† in 2013 and have offered them since at our own location and others. Wherever we work, you can expect unusual results — things are going to happen! If you have never worked with us, check out our history and offerings at

For the most part, our camp is staffed by people we work with all year long. We know them well and they know our ideals, our programs, and our style of teaching and learning. We have programs in schools and after school at over 40 locations and continue to expand our offerings through our Curious DIY Kits and online classes.

Please reach out with your specific questions or if you’re just wondering why we do what we do….we’re here

Adele Falco
Founder: Curious-on-Hudson <>

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