Summer 2021: Makers and Tinkerers Unite!

At our beautiful summer daycamp in Riverdale, New York



A STEAM-style camp with plenty of room for fun and games. The camp is located on a well-maintained and spacious college campus in Riverdale, NY, overlooking the Hudson River with plenty of open air spaces.


An imaginative and creative spirit dominates the activities we offer at camp. STEAM is the intersection of arts, science, technology - in other words, our real world, where all of these elements come together.


We offer an impressive “MAKER” style camp where woodworking, DIY Electronics and visual arts are available for deep exploration. Our specialists are real MAKERS - bringing their talents and skills to camp every day.


Helping young people investigate their own curiosities is what we’ve been doing for several years now. Curiosity is our namesake and our mission. In a fully equipped science lab, we’ve taught students how to look closer.